Reviews of Someone Else's Twin

Wall Street Journal (, Bookshelf) Sept 14, 2011

“Segal writes clearly and passionately, and yet she rarely strays from the precise language of a social scientist. The result is an engaging narrative intertwined with a careful attempt to draw sound conclusions from the facts... The book has much to tell us about the ways in which genes, environments and their interactions shape who we are.”
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Publishers Weekly

“Insightful . . . with a solid mix of clinical observations . . . and compassionate reflections[,] Segal assesses complex legal, moral, and ethical questions.”

John Ed Bradley, author of Tupelo Nights and Restoration

“On its face Someone Else’s Twin is a gifted researcher’s exploration of the moral and legal crises that resulted when a hospital failed at a routine task and switched twins at birth, denying them each other. But the book is also a profound and heartbreaking mystery story that confronts the issue of personal identity and provides answers to questions that have stumped us all: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?”

Preston Williams, Washington Post staff writer

“With the frequency of twinning almost doubling in the last thirty years, Segal’s thorough yet affecting work serves as a modern window into nature versus nurture and the wrenching consequences of inadvertently twisted family ties. In some cases, the black sheep of a family is not a black sheep at all, just a misplaced one.”

Nancy Stern Winters, Lookalike Productions

“As an identical twin, Someone Else’s Twin is a very personal story for me. I was struck by how Nancy Segal so poignantly portrayed the plight of twins switched at birth. It’s beyond belief to me that the closeness I’ve come to share with my twin sister might never have been possible had this kind of switch happened to us. Truly a nightmare. Segal’s attention to detail and professional and personal insight make this a fascinating read.”

Kimberley Weatherall, Chair, International Council of Multiple Birth Organizations (ICOMBO); acting executive director, Multiple Births Canada (MBC)

“Nancy Segal introduces the reader to a thought-provoking examination of who we are as individuals, demonstrating how easily that can all change through the carelessness of another. As a parent of monozygotic twins, and as a volunteer dedicated to improving the lives of multiple-birth individuals and their families, it is heartbreaking and overwhelmingly sad to see the long-term impact a mistake at birth can have on the lives and relationships of everyone involved.”

Kirkus Reviews

SOMEONE ELSE’S TWIN: The True Stories of Babies Switched at Birth

“Noted twin-study expert Segal (Psychology/California State Univ., Fullerton; Indivisible by Two, 2007, etc.) doubles the fascination with switched-at-birth twin research. An expert glimpse into the many-faceted world of genetics, family culture and identity.”
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Library Journal

SOMEONE ELSE’S TWIN: The True Stories of Babies Switched at Birth

“Twin studies have proven to be a valuable tool for assessing the influence of genetic factors on individual traits and behavior. Here, however, Segal (psychology, California State Univ.; Entwined Lives: Twins and What They Tell Us About Human Behavior), who has an extensive research background in twin studies (and is a twin herself), provides a novel twist on the traditional nature vs. nurture debate.”
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