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Dr. Daniel G. Freedman’s Obituary

Daniel G. Freedman, professor emeritus in comparative human development, died June 10 in Ribera, NM. He was 81. Freedman taught at Chicago from 1964 to 1968, rejoined the faculty in 1977, and retired in 1996. Studying such diverse topics as how children learn to smile and why men grow beards, he developed an approach to the behavioral sciences that emphasized biological and evolutionary influences on culture. He also was a visiting faculty member at institutions including the Australian National University and Nankai University of Tianjin, China. Author of Human Infancy: An Evolutionary Perspective (1974) and Human Sociobiology: A Holistic Approach (1979), in retirement he continued to research the connection between biology and culture and was to be honored at the 2008 meeting of the International Society for Human Ethology. Survivors include his wife Jane Gorman, AM’84, PhD’88; two sons; and a granddaughter.
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