Articles/Chapters Under Review or in Progress

Yirmiya-Feldstein, K., Segal, N.L., Bloch, G., & Knafo, A. Prosocial and pro-self behavior between twins: Kin selection, reciprocity, or relationship? (under review).

Kanazawa, D., & Segal, N.L. Monozygotic twins as a challenge to the genetic benefits of sexual reproduction. (under review).

Kanazawa, D., Segal, N.L., & de Meza, D. Why more dizygotic twins are same-sex than opposite sex. (under review).

Segal, N.L. Resumption of menstrual regularity following presumed menopause: A case report (under review).

McGuire, S., Segal, N.L., Foretsch, A.R., & Baker. M. Interpersonal closeness in school-aged twins, virtual twins, and full siblings. (manuscript in progress).