2003-04 American Fellow: Research Fellowship
American Association of University Women

1988 International Scholars’ Conference on the Holocaust:
“Remembering for the Future,” Oxford University, Oxford, England.
Competition for this scholarship was open to young scholars whose papers
had been accepted for presentation.

1976-77 Lady Davis Fellowship
Department of Psychology (Pre-doctoral study)
Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust conducts annual international competitions for
interim fellowship awards for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral study, in any
discipline, at the Hebrew University or Technion, in Israel.

1975 Traveling Scholars Program(C.I.C.)
Departments of Psychology & Genetics
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
The Committee on Institutional Cooperation (C.I.C.) appoints qualified students from
the University of Chicago and Big Ten universities as traveling scholars at a
participating institution. This program enabled one semester of participation
in twin research and population genetics at Indiana University.

1975 Summer Training Institute for Behavioral Genetics (NIMH)
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
Twenty-four of two hundred applicants were accepted for this seven-week
program in developmental behavioral genetics.