Professional Consulting

Consulting Experience:

  • Expert testimony and legal consultation: (approximately 50 cases)
    • Twins loss and injury (psychological implications); separation (custody)
  • Television and Film Consultation  
    • "Twinsters" (Documentary Film, 2014-2015)
    • Cimarron Entertainment, 2010 (Twin Relations and Interview for "Hereafter")
    • Disney Toons, 2010 ("Sectet of the Wings")
    • Garden Productions, UK, 2012, TV Documentary (Twins)
    • Shine TV, UK, 2012, TV Documentary (Twins)
  • Center Theater Group (2010)
    • Center Theater Group, 2010 (Twin Relationships Consultation)
    • New York Theater Workshop, 2004 (“A Number." play by Caryl Churchill, on human cloning)

Public Lectures and Workshops:

  • Over 100 public lectures and workshops on selected aspects of twinship. (See Invited Lectures below).

Twin Studies Center:

  • Founder and Director of CSUF’s Twin Studies Center (1991 – present); student research supervision; dissemination of twin-based information to the public