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A Book Party was held at the University of Minnesota's Campus Club, on October 5, 2012. The program included talks by Matt McGue, Nancy Segal, Irv Gottesman and Tom Bouchard. See comments from those who attended the event:

Also visit the Born Together-Reared Apart Photo Gallery.

Watch the 5 short videos from the party: Matt McGue (1), Nancy Segal (2), Irv Gottesman (3), Tom Bouchard (4) Matt McGue (5).  You can also watch a video of Len Heston delivering introductory comments at the Palm Springs Book Party, that he hosted on November 17, 2012; see video (6) below.

(1) Matt McGue - Introductory Remarks

(2) Nancy Segal - Reflections on Born Together-Reared Apart  

(3) Irv Gottesman - Reflections on the MISTRA

(4) Tom Bouchard - Reflections on Born Together-Reared Apart and the MISTRA  

(5) Matt McGue - Closing Remarks 

(6) Len Heston - Introductory Comments, Palm Springs